Cannabis Indica And Sativa

There are quite a few differences between Cannabis Indica and Cannabis sativa :

– Cannabis Indica – Fat leaves, short and bushy plant.

– Cannabis Sativa – Thin leaves, tall thin bush.

Cannabis Indica = have higher CBD than THC levels. This gives you a heavier sleepy more relaxed high. Cannabis Indicas usually have a higher yield and a shorter growing time. Most indoor growers use Indicas because they are a short bushier plant.

Cannabis Sativa = have higher THC than CBD levels. This gives you a cerebral soaring and more energetic high. Cannabis sativas usually have a lower yield than Cannabis Indicas but the Sativas have more potent buds. Most outdoor cannabis growers use Sativas as they grow taller and have longer flowering periods so they are better suited outdoors.


Sativas are pretty much the opposite of Indicas. They are very tall and thin plants, the leaves are a lot thinner and are lighter green in colour. They grow a lot faster than Indicas and they can reach heights of 20 feet in one single season. They are known to originally come mexico, Columbia, Thailand and southeast Asia. Once they have started the flowering cycle they can take anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks until they are fully mature and ready to crop. There flavours range from fruity and sweet to earthy. Because they are higher in THC than CBD they stimulate the brain and may produce hallucinations.

Sativa Cannabis Leaf


Indicas are known to originally come from the hash producing countries such as Afghanistan, Morocco and Tibet. Unlike Sativas they are short dense and bushy plants with broad leaves that are a darker green in colour. Once the flowering cycle has started they with take between 6-8 weeks until they are fully matured and ready to harvest. The buds from Indicas are very dense with flavours and aromas ranging from sweet and fruity to pungent skunk. The high of Indicas is generally a laid back, relaxing body type of high. Because Indicas have higher CBD than THC they are known to help with a wide range of medical problems.

Indica Cannabis Leaf


These are plants that have genetics of both Indica and Sativa plants. Hybrids are formed when the Indica and Sativa plants are crossed. They will form plants that will vary in size height and yield, and the flowering time can also vary. All of these will depend on what percentage of Indica or Sativa they are. Most cannabis you will smoke these days is usually a hybrid.